Pestek Steamtek



How it works

Our market leading machine uses a diesel boiler to boil water and deliver powerful steam performance.

Using the latest cutting edge steam technology, we can quickly and effectively remove dirt, stains, grease and odors from a variant of surfaces, leaving clean and sanitized.


Optima DMF


Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Services

Steam Cleaning is ideal for the food industry to prevent food contaminates such as salmonella, pseudomonas, listeria, streptococcus, etc.

Cleaning of oils and grease from ventilation systems, extractors and chimneys, for a hygienic and clean environment.

Owners in the hospitality industry know how important it is to keep a hygienic and clean environment. 

Steam cleaning penetrates deep in to fabric of upholstery, bedding and carpeting, effectively lifting dirt and grime killing bed bugs, dust mites and bacteria.

Leaving it dry within an hour of cleaning.

Places with high human contact can spread germs and bacteria.

Effective steam cleaning can sanitize these areas leaving hygienic and clean environment.

A few of the industries we offer our services to:

Commercial Kitchens
Hotels and Guest houses








Home Services

Home Steam cleaning service includes cleaning of upholstery, bedding and carpeting, home grills, blinds etc.

Effectively lifting dirt and grime killing bed bugs, dust mites and bacteria, for a hygienic and clean home, leaving it dry within an hour of cleaning.


Bed bug


Advantages of Steam Cleaning

Promotes Healthy living by improving conditions like asthma, hay fever, rhinitis, sinusitis, eczema.   
Kills bacteria.
Removes dirt, grime and grease.
Sanitize and Sterilize services. 
Removes odors.
Kills moulds, fungi, dust mites, bedbugs and bedbug eggs.


Before After

Before and After photo's of Steam Cleaning


Eco (Environment) Friendly

Prevent water pollution.
No chemicals or poison needed for cleaning.
No toxic residues/waste water.
Uses very little water for cleaning (Less than 3 liters per car wash).
Pet Friendly.
No need for water disposal.
Will not harm or damage high quality furniture and fabrics.




Eco friendly