Pestek Steamtek



Pest Control

We get rid of all your unwanted pests with personal, affordable and professional service.

Our services are more affordable than you think.

All chemicals are Pet- and Child friendly.

Treatment against:

Flies, Mosquitos, Ants, Termites, Cockroaches,

Beatles, Crickets, Bedbugs, Rats and Mice, etc.


Bed Bug Killer



Pre- and Post Construction

Treatments and Certification. Domestic and Industrial.

You wil receive a Certificate with a five year service guarantee.


Industrial cleaning


industrial industrial2



Weed Control

Specialists with 38 years experience in the agricultural field to assist in the identification and eradication of weeds in any area: Domestic, Industrial or Agricultural and game farm fencing.


heining heining


Garden Treatments

To assist in the control of all pests, diseases. Liquid fertilizer, herbicides and growth stimulants will enhance your garden with vigorous and healthy plant growth. For sport fields, golf courses, parks and gardens.






treatment treatment