Pestek Steamtek

Pestek Introduction


Klerksdorp's preferred Pest Control operators since 2010 in the KOSH area for affordable and efficient service.


Our services include:


PESTEK Intelligent Pest Control for:


Pest Control


Pre- and Post Construction


Weed Control


Garden Treatments


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Steamtek Introduction


STEAMTEK Echo Steam Technologies for:


For the first time in Klerksdorp - Steam Technology Imported from Europe.


That will Clean, Sanitise and Deodorise anything.


To aid in the prevention and treatment of:

- Bedbugs and Eggs.

- Allergy causing Dustmites.

- Germs and Bacteria.

- Molds.

- Removes Pet Odours and all Pet related Pests.


This is not a cleaning service - This is a sophisticated, Eco-friendly machine that operates on 180° by 12 bar pressure without any harmfull chemicals.


Quick drying action ensures treated areas to be dry and 100% ready for use within half an hour of treatment.

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bed matress

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